Add unique_id to Generic Hygrostat Integration

The Generic Hygrostat integration (Generic hygrostat - Home Assistant) (which is pretty awesome, btw) lacks a unique_id, therefor one is not able to assign it to an area.

Adding an unique_id would solve this…

Nobody will do anything about that here.
You have to report an issue in the corresponding github.
All info about the GitHub and the known issues on the top right of the integration page

EDIT Unless someone feels brave enough to pull the code, do the changes and commit. But I tried in the past and the things to do to do a commit are so boring that I gave up.

That’s actually not true at all. See the comment here: Lack of configuration option for unique_id in generic hygrostat · Issue #86362 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

This is true. The option must be provided by the integration.
Therefore the integration needs an update.
Hence the need to do a change in the code and it is GitHub only.

If frenck thought that it was a request for help or a feature then it is indeed for the community.

But in my opinion, it is a wrong integration behaviour, a bug, as the unique_id is a requirement for every integration for ages.

EDIT: Did you try to add a unique_id yourself using the customization?

    unique_id: f11d54ea-bc2a-4fbb-a741-52cae9bc0333

Have you ever tried discussing this sort of thing with Frenck? :wink:

I recall trying to do this for the Bluetooth Tracker (not the Bluetooth LE Tracker) that is “officially” still supported, but practically has no support (Issues · home-assistant/ · GitHub) . IMO He’s not gonna change his opinion once he has formed an opinion, whatever your argumentation is…

Have a try with the customize: I used to use it a lot but never tried to add a unique_id.

Give me a source for that, and I’ll once more try to file a bug request for it, but I’ll bet you on it…

I can’t remember, it is when HA started the integrations setup with the interface, long time ago.
I’ll have a quick look but can’t promise you anything.

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First source, but not specified as mandatory.

" If the entity is part of a device, the unique_id property must be implemented, and the entity must be registered with a device."

Still searching, will edit this post if I have new info.