Add usbip support to home assistant running in Windows Hyper-V

Recently I have been working on a solution to allows USB access to Home Assistant running in Windows Hyper-V. Right now I have a host computer running Windows 10, a Hyper-V VM (Debian 11) running Home Assistant Supervised. I can either plug in the zwave/zigbee USB stick to local PC USB port or a Raspberry PI 3B+ on network. The Debian system upon startup can automatically detect and attaches the USB stick, and make it available to the underlying Home Assistant core.

If just using the Debian VM and RPI this solution is absolutely free. All supporting software components are open source and natively supported by Linux.

If using the Windows as usbip server, the solution is ALMOST free:

  1. You have to build the windows driver/tools from open source project yourself. the process is straightforward though and all tools are free (VS2019CE, WinDDK)
  2. Since the driver is self-signed, you will have to put the windows into TestMode as long as the usbip server is running.

I created a github page with all the instructions and reference configuration files and python source code. Hope it could be helpful.


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Going thru this right now. I’ve done Proxmox, Hyper-v, VirtualBox, and now back to Hyper-v after discovering a few methods for USB passthrough. I’ve run HassOS for about 8 years but I think it’s now time to try supervised over Debian on HyperV. Long story…

Thanks for your guide. I’ll give it a shot.