Add user to "Read-Only Users" group

Hi All,

as described within Can I Have User Permissions? | Home Assistant Developer Docs there is a group “Read-Only Users” which gives permission of “All three have access to all entities, but the read-only cannot control any of them.”

I see that there is a user “Home Assistant Content”, which has read only group and I would like to add a test user to that group, too.
How do I add a user to a permission group?

EDIT: Yaml preferred, but would be fine with GUI as a starting point, too :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply - as written in Can I Have User Permissions? | Home Assistant Developer Docs and my first post, the difference should be that “read-only Users” cannot change the state of any entity (at least that’s what I understood).

Yeah…about 10 sec. after I added my reply…this dawned to me too …so that does make sense

maybe the docs changed but is the question “how do i add user to read-only group” answered there?
sorry but i don’t understand how to add a user to this group :slight_smile: can you help me?


+1 to question. Can’t figure out what I need to do to add user to the read-only group. Where I can find necessary setting set read-only group for a user?

Help, please

It’s all in the linked docs:

  • stop HA
  • make a backup of your config folder
  • edit <config>/.storage/auth
  • edit “group_ids”

I needed to have an user which is read-only. So I first created a new user via HA. (url: /config/users)
Then I used the steps above and changed group_ids from system-users to system-read-only:

        "group_ids": [

Save the file and start HA again. In a first test, this user was not able to change some slider values.
Although these can still be seen. For more detailed access you might want to follow the linked example above.