Add windturbine option to Energy Dashboard

Is it possible to add Wind Turbines as a possible source of energy, just like Solar Panels are at the moment? I have shares in a windturbine (Winddelen from the Windcentrale in NL), and I have their production available as a sensor, just like Solar Panels. But at this moment it is not really possible to really add them as a source (I do have them added under “Teruglevering”, so overall calculations are correct).

Remember to vote for your own suggestion. :wink:

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Done thanks for the reminder!

I also have shares in a wind farm via Ripple Energy here in the UK.

We need a wider set of ‘Electricity Production’ types in the Energy dashboard for wind, hydro etc. It’s crazy to pretend that everything is Solar.


I am also in Ripple and would like this feature. Something I am also exploring is a Turbine dashboard with an animated turbine on it.

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