Added a new Person in the Configuration but person is not visible

I’ve been having issues authenticating lately and today I attempted to create new users so that I can remove the old ones.

I have two original users and when I go to Configuration>People and create a new person (allow person to login is on) the person is created in the backend (I can log in with the newly created user) but the new person is not visible in the People list and it doesn’t have an entity.

I can see the new person/user in the .storage/auth_provider file but I don’t see them in the .storage/person file.

I restarted HA and no change.

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I discovered what the issue was.

  1. When creating a person and checking the box “ Allow person to login ”. - another window will pop up (Add User) and completely cover the previous window ( Add Person ). This new window asks you to input the username/name/password.
  2. After clicking Create, you are sent back to the window ( Add Person ) that again asks you to enter a name (for that same person you just created a user for).

This is very confusing and that’s were I messed up. I clicked cancel on this second window which created a user but did not create a person.
Why is that done in two steps if you are already asking a “Name” in the “ Add User ” window. It’s redundant and confusing.