Added Homebrdge to HA, multiple supported accessories missing

Hi I recently started experiencing some issues with one of my integrations in Home Assistant, that made me want to pull over my devices in Homebridge. The problem is, after adding Homebridge via the discovered HomeKit Controller, only some of my entities/accessories show up.

What is even more odd, is that when looking in the homekit_controller_entity_map I see the missing accessories. There seems to be no logic to it either for example, my front door lock is available, but my back door lock is not. When I compare the info for each, they are identical in the file. The same goes for different contact sensors that are all a part of a single device, some show up but others don’t.

Is there anyway for the Homekit Controller to create entities for devices it has discovered in its own entity map? Or is there something I can do to manually process them?

you solved … i have the same problem

I know it’s an old topic, fut i’m still facing same issue. What i concluded until now is that only first accessory of same type is shown correctly (eg, if you have three button accessories of same type, you won’t get any but first one).
I still have no solution, maybe if configuration file could be organized a bit different? Or it’s simply a bug…

Did you find a fix?