Added MQTT user but how to remove from panel?

I have created an admin user to use MQTT (for paradox integration). Everything works fine but now that user is shown in the dashboard with unknown location.
Any way to remove that user and make it only a programming user (instead of thinking it’s a real person in the dashboard)?

I am very very new to HA sorry if it’s obvious.

Did you link this user to a person?

I have a user for MQTT and just created an auto generated dashboard (which is what I am assuming you are using) no users showed up as I don’t use the person integration.

Hm, I had to create a user called ‘pia’ with admin role as per this installation instructions. I don’t recall seeing any link to person. Home Assistant · ParadoxAlarmInterface/pai Wiki · GitHub

“Add new pai user in Mosquitto for PAI to use.”
“Create a new user for MQTT via your Home Assistant’s frontend Settings → People → Users , (i.e. not on Mosquitto’s Configuration tab).”

So I created that user with admin role a user and pass.
It now shows in the dashboard beside myself as any other user.
I only see “allow person to login”, the local network option and administrator toggles.

Just for anyone else. It was a person instead of a user. Didn’t even notice the two tabs up top.
Deleted person, added user and hop all good.