Added new sensor, graph all weird

Hi all,

I added a new sensor to the graph and instead of a line graph, I got this block graph.

I checked the code and they’re fine.

What did I miss? How do I get this to be a line graph like others?


Try clearing your web browser cache. While viewing the graph:

  • Press F12 ,

  • Then press Ctrl and F5 at the same time,

  • Then F12 again.

It’s not that as I am seeing it on the web interface and also on the app too.

Thanks for the reply, tho.

Is it a block, or is that made up of lots of measurements fluctating between 0 (temp) / some crazy value (humidity) and the actual value? Can you select a shorter time period for the graph?

640% humidity should be enough for anyone.

This is what it looks like after overnight.

I think it’s not using line graph for some reasons…

Go to the History panel (in the sidebar) select the server cabinet entity and view only the last 10 minutes.

It looks filled in because your sensor is incredibly noisy. It is jumping between 0 and the value repeatedly. There is something wrong with your sensor.

A quick update… after playing about with the settings, looking at graphs & logs, I think it’s a faulty sensor. I have received a full refund and have ordered a new one. Hopefully will be better this time!