Adding 433/868MHz USB receiver to the Raspberry Pi

I’m looking for a solution of adding the 433MHz and 868Mhz devices to my HA through MQQT.
Are there others in here that have found a smart (and cheap) solution adding this to their system?

I was wondering whether I could use something like this ( - 433MHZ CC1101 USB Wireless RF Transceiver, hook it up at the USB port on the Raspberry Pi and then start receiving inputs through a MQQT or build one myself with a lot NodeMCU and a receiver?

My goal is to receive inputs from my Honeywell doorbell system (868MHz) and upcoming DIY projects.

Hi Rasser

I’m looking to do the same with my system as I also have a Honeywell doorbell system that uses 868MHz.

For 433Mhz I use an RFLink, which works very well with my remote sockets and LightwaveRF switches. I’m considering purchasing another one but with the 868MHz support, however Honeywell devices aren’t listed as supported (although the Devs are very responsive at adding new devices) and I’m not sure that Hass can support two RFLinks.



Hi Dave.
Nice to hear that I’m not the only one considering this.
I’ve just bought a Z-Wave.Me ZME_UZB1 USB Stick, which in the EU is default to 868Mhz.
I would give it a try - even though the Honeywell devices may not be supported I’m hoping to still catch some signals from it.
I’ve have no expertise in Z-wave and MQQT at all so I’m starting from scratch at this point. :slight_smile:
Good look with your project as well.

Hi @Rasser,
Have you found a way?

If it just for receiving, use a RTL-SDR.