Adding a 2nd & 3rd ESPHome Emporia Vue 2

My house has. Two separate main Breaker Panels. I already installed a Vue2 flashed with ESPhome in one panel and I need to add two more Vue2 devices in the other panel to cover all my circuits. Neither Panel is a Sub panel of the other as they both get their feeds directly from the power company meter. So. At least one of the two new units will require clamps on the mains. The power measured on these mains plus the power measured on the existing units mains should represent all the power consumed in the house.

While the second new Vue2 may not need clamps on the mains, i do not want the power balance from the first new Vue2 to repressent the balance as many of these circuits that are not measured by the first new Vue2 will be measured by the second new Vue2.

I would like the 3 Vue2s to function as one and be viewed as, and report as one. I believe i read this is possible but it is unclear to me how to accomplish this. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.