Adding a device to an Area; confused about entity definitions

I have a set of automations working fine, that pull the booking status of a meeting room from google calendar and then set some Philips Hue lights outside the room. green/amber/red as appropriate.

When originally set up there were two lights called light.hue_play_1 and light.hue_play_dc and an entity called light.fnl which seems somehow (I cannot recall how!) to group them - so the automation only talks about light.fnl.

I added another light. But I cannot figure out how to get light.fnl to include it. it’s called light_hue_play_1_2.

The dashboard shows this

And devices shows …

Moreover, I seem not to be able to change light.fnl from the UI, with this message … (is there a way to give it a unique ID?)

Seems to me that the new device (_1_2) should be in Area FNL, and that light.fnl should include it as well.

Any help most gratefully received!



Do you have a group on the Hue side that is called FNL? If so, add the new light to the group on the Hue side. If not, check if you have configured somewhere a light group in home assistant

Hi, thanks for replying. No … there are no groups as far as I can see … the groups.yaml file is empty!

In the deprecated States UI I see this … which seems right???

Should I populate the groups.yaml file??


This is strange, are you sure that you have no groups (I think they are called zones or rooms in Hue) in the Hue app?

To create a light group add the following to configuration.yaml:

  - platform: group
    name: Meeting Room Lights
      - light.xy
      - light.ab

This will create a light group called light.meeting_room_lights, which you can use like a normal light afterwards.