Adding a Doorbell to my setup (Nest Hello API update?)

I have been using hassio for years now, and I finally want to add a doorbell cam to my setup.

I have been eyeing up the Nest hello for a while, but I read that Google has changed their API which makes it difficult to integrate it with my other devices on my hassio setup. The main feature I would like is that if motion is detected, certain lights go on. Is this possible with the BadNest? It seems reading github that it doesn’t support Nest hello, only thermostats and cameras, or does the Hello fall under the Camera category? Or is there another new method of using Nest Hello with Hassio? Is it just a case of using Works with Google Assistant instead of the Works With Nest platform?

As an alternative, the Ring seems to play nicely with Hassio, but the nest hello seems to have the slight edge with regards to quality and features as I’d like the person recognition (and is on offer from the google store).

Any info to help me finally make a decision is much appreciated.

Hello shows up as a Camera. I haven’t used BadNest. I just migrated from the old Nest API – which I was lucky enough to activate before they deprecated it – to the new SDM API which is now supported in Home Assistant as of 0.118.

One issue that I have noticed is that unlike the old Nest API integration, the new SDM integration in HA doesn’t (yet?) pull in camera detection events even though SDM publishes those events.

Edit: Just now stumbled upon this post which shows how to get those events via Node-Red using SDM. And other comments I’m reading seem to imply that camera detection & chime events for Hello are coming soon to the HA integration itself. One way or another, you should be able to use Hello.

Have you been able to get the chime or movement\people detection event in HA without the Node-Red solution?

Yes this is fully supported now. See the integration docs under device triggers and automations.

Some pending doc improvements here too

I finally managed to do this. It was a bit fiddly but got it to work in the end following the instructions on the Nest integration help page.

I then set up three automations sending notifications to my mobiles, with following triggers - Motion Detected, Person Detected, and doorbell pressed. (There is also sound detected but I don’t use that).

However I noticed that I get far more alerts coming through in HA than I do in my Nest application, so much so that I had to switch Motion and Person off. Will need to try and debug it at some point soon.

But it is certainly getting there, so very pleased so far.

Cool I’ll have a look at my own feed and see if there is anything fished. I rewrote how pub/sub auth works recently which may help in 2022.02

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