Adding a fused switch to Shelly Plus 1PM


This is my first post so be kind :slight_smile:
Im installing a Shelly Plus 1PM to monitor the power usage of a spur main running to my cabin. When I installed the spur I added a fused switch socket for added safety and id like to keep this manual switch.

Ive managed to get the Shelly installed without issue using the basic lighting circuit but i cant figure out how to add the switch back in to the circuit. Can anyone help. Id preferable like to have the physical switch as an override so if I switch it off the cabin power if cut. I assume the Shelly will provide a level of overprotection?

Ive installed a lot of Fibaro over the years but this is a bit different.


I’m not sure I fully understand where you want the fuse switch, but on either leg of hot should suffice. If on the left of your drawing then the Shelly would also power off with the switch, if on the right then the Shelly stays on but the cabin is powered off.


Thanks for the reply. I really thought about leaving it in simply as a manual override so either side is fine. I guess if it before the switch it will disable the Shelly if it’s after the Shelly will be powered but not showing any activity.

Do you know how I should wire it to include it?


US or EU?

You would just use the switch as the destination of the Shelly, then the outputs of the switch to the cabin, likely sharing your common and ground wires. Can you link your switch?

It’s a UK switch, I tried that but for some reason it wasn’t working. I’ll try again. I see there is an option to add a switch in the software settings but I would expect the hardware to do it the way I was wiring it but maybe there is a way using the SX terminal.

Thanks again.

You can use a switch on the Shelly as well, but it sounded like you wanted a failsafe rather than a toggle.

Yes, i was looked to be able to switch off the spur (in winter for example) and also to have the added fuse protection just in case - im not sure what protection the shelly will give?

For now I have left the shelly handling the switch and surge protection. I think I know why the switch was not working, a school boy error. The shelly switch is set to be off by default when booting so given this was wired before the physical switch it would be off when i powered the mains back up… I guess if I switched the shelly on the physicla switch would get the power and work normally.