Adding a google tv

It looks like Google TVs should be added automatically, but I’m having issues discovering mine. I’m running HA using the docker image. My Docker host is on a 10.1.x.x network, while my Google TV is on a 10.2.x.x network. Their subnet masks are, so they should be on the same one from what I understand.

I tried expliclty configuraing the Google TV using

  - platform: cast
  - host:

and I get this error during start up:

Invalid config for [media_player]: required key not provided @ data['platform']. Got None.

okay, looks like I wasn’t supposed to add host as a list item.

This works enough to add the Google TV to HA, but I can’t do “Text to speak” (sic). It just goes to a black screen with a grey square and a blue progress bar, but no audio output.

  - platform: cast

Not sure why it’s not working using the home assistant docker image, but it works using installed on the host.