Adding a modbus sensor

I’m a newbie of homeassistant.
I’ve installed hassio on a raspberry pi 4 and i want read an Eastron SDM230 current sensor via rs485 modbus.

The modbus device on the raspberry is a “classic” USB CH340 dongle.

I’ve inserted in the configuration.yaml some example found on internet but no sensor shows up in the dashborad.

I’ve inserted this in the configuration.yaml:

- name: SDM230_HOME
  type: serial
  method: rtu
  port: /dev/ttyUSB0
  baudrate: 9600
  stopbits: 1
  bytesize: 8
  parity: N

  platform: modbus
    - name: Grid_Voltage
      unit_of_measurement: Volts
      slave: 1
      register: 0
      register_type: input
      count: 2
      data_type: float32

Restarted home assistant but nothing shows up. Why ?

(/dev/ttyUSB0 is correct. I’ve checked that shows up in the hardware)

modbus has a new yaml format