Adding a Second King Of Fans device Fails

Hello Everyone,
Using ZHA i was able to add a King Of Fans device, works great, paired with no problem,
When trying to add a second one, it always fails, I see in the logs:

"[0x8573:1:0x0019] ZCL deserialize: <ZCLHeader frame_control=<FrameControl frame_type=CLUSTER_COMMAND manufacturer_specific=False is_reply=False disable_default_response=False> manufacturer=None tsn=116 command_id=1>
[0x8573:1:0x0019] ZCL request 0x0001: [0, 4098, 0, 15, None]
[0x8573:1:0x0019] OTA query_next_image handler for 'King Of Fans,  Inc. HDC52EastwindFan': field_control=0, manufacture_id=4098, image_type=0, current_file_version=15, hardware_version=None
[0x8573:1:0x0019] No OTA image is available"

Any ideas what i am missing here?


I have two paired and they both worked at some point. With the hot weather coming, I went to add some automations and see that neither respond the HA commands and always report off. Removed and repaired with no difference.

These devices have notoriously bad antennas and almost always need a zigbee repeater in the same room for them to function reliably. Take a look at any forum that have users with the fan controllers. Wink, ST, Hubitat…all have the same issue and same recommendation. I have 5 of these and they have been solid because I have an Iris zigbee outlet in every room they are installed.

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