Adding a second robot vacuum to my dashboard

I have followed this great guide -

Now i have a card showing location of one robot on my dashboard, though I cannot figure out how to add a second, both are Dreame D9 robots.

I am happy with the basic card showing the robots whereabouts, so have not gone to fancy into controls etc.

Would really appreciate a precise description of my next steps? I am very new (1 week in) to this and not proficient by any means with programming.

Thought this is the last entity to finalize my dashboards.

Thank you in advance.


Next steps to add another vacuum?

Just add another camera configuration, make sure you add a name: to differentiate them

- platform: xiaomi_cloud_map_extractor
  name: Upstairs Vacuum
  token: !secret vacuum_token_1
  username: !secret vacuum_user
  password: !secret vacuum_passwd
  draw: ['all']
    - calibration_points

- platform: xiaomi_cloud_map_extractor
  name: Downstairs Vacuum
  token: !secret vacuum_token_2
  username: !secret vacuum_user
  password: !secret vacuum_passwd
  draw: ['all']
    - calibration_points

Then add another picture entity card to your dashboard for the second camera (you will probably have to edit the first card too as the entity if will change to the name you gave it).

Wonderful! Worked a treat, thank you for taking the time and explaining so simply! Have a great one.

Now that you have the cameras you really should add the map card next. Very easy to add the controls with this:

I only discovered this integration and card due to your post. So thank you for your question!

I’m still working on the styling of the card but it’s already much better than what I had:



Great, that you found the new card, looks really flash!

I have added the card and the Lovelace resource.

When i go to add the card it asks for Vacuum entity and my Xiaomi Dreame D9 does not appear?

When you go to Developer Tools > States and type vacuum. at the top of the entity column, how many vacuum devices do you see?

How did you add your vacuums to home assistant?

Hi Tom, Thanks again! So I see both downstairs and upstairs

I used the hacs integration Xiaomi cloud map extractor which is my issue i guess, as it worked for the maps image on the image card. Though it wont pull model and configurations for controls.

I have tried using the Xiami MIIO add on and get this response -


When i then try to configure and look for the Xiaomi Dreame D9 it only shows Roborock models.

Could you tell me what you used to to get it setup please, and possibly any additional code on top of what you have already advised me? Thanks!

No, they are the cameras. Note the dot after “vacuum” in my suggested search:

That should search for devices in the vacuum domain (not the camera domain). But…

That is your issue. The Xiami MIIO integration does not support your model vacuum. There’s this third party integration that may work:

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Thanks again! Just tried it, no dice unfortunately, back to map only which is ok, not as nice as what you have going on. Lessons learnt above, thanks!