Adding a timer to a group

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I start with my question:
Is it possible to add a delay between 2 devices in a group?

And here is the reason for my request:
I control my shutters via the Overzik integration, but it can only manage 10 commands at a time as indicated in the doc.
The problem is that I have 12 roller shutters.
So my group which allows me to manage my 12 shutters with all the controls for the shutters does not work very well because I always have 2 shutters which do not activate.
Hence my request to know if it is possible to delay the piloting between 2 components.
PS I tested the automations but they do not allow you to manage all the shutter controls (solid, up, down, stop, etc.)
PS 2: in the group I can only add Shutters type entities

For your information, my Somfy IO shutters are paired with a Somfy connectivity kit

I thank you in advance

You can use a Repeat for Each action that contains a delay, using a template to get all the entities.

  - repeat:
      for_each: "{{ state_attr('', 'entity_id') }}"
        - service: cover.close_cover
            entity_id: "{{ repeat.item }}"
        - delay: 2

If a static delay doesn’t work, you could use a Wait action like:

        - alias: "Wait until shutter is closed"
          wait_template: "{{ is_state(repeat.item, 'closed') }}"

But if you want to minimize the delay of closing all shutters you can also batch entity ids using templating

  - repeat:
      for_each: "{{ state_attr('', 'entity_id') | batch(10) | list }}"
        - service: cover.close_cover
            entity_id: "{{ repeat.item }}"
        - alias: "Wait until shutter is closed"
          wait_template: "{{ is_state(repeat.item[-1], 'closed') }}"

Good evening
Thank you, but I have absolutely no idea where to insert these pieces of code.

I used this integration

Home Assistant

Instructions on how to setup groups within Home Assistant.

And created my group without going through a YAML

I searched through the accessible YAML files, but none contain the configuration of my group, so how do I use and insert one of the codes?

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please excuse me, I had it translated but out of habit I didn’t have to copy and paste the correct translation, it’s modified, thank you

Good morning,
is there anyone who can help me?

The configuration block I posted is a Repeat For Each action it goes in your automation or script. If you need help structuring the automation, please post it to this thread so we can give specific guidance instead of general suggestions that may not apply to your case.

If you need a primer on how to transcribe YAML automations using the UI Automation Editor, there is a (slightly dated) tutorial available on the Resin Chem Tech Youtube channel.

Thank you but as indicated in my first post, I have already tested the automation, it works, but I do not have the same commands as in my group of shutters
Hence my question to integrate a timer into the middle of my equipment in my group!

If the automation works, what exactly do you need help with?

What do you mean by this? What is this “timer” supposed to do?

I want to keep the classic roller shutter controls that I have in the group that I created.

The problem is that the control integration of my shutters which is Overzik can only control a maximum of 10 pieces of equipment at a time whereas I have 12 and as a result I always have 2 shutters which do not work together. not operate.
By testing with the automation I was able to see that by inserting a time delay of 30 seconds between the first 10 shutters and the last 2, I had no control problem, and that is why I wanted to insert a time delay between the equipment in my group so as not to have any control problems.

FYI, in FHEM, when you create a “structure” (like a group in HA), there is an attribute “async_delay” (FHEM reference). So everytime you are appling commands to the group, a delay between each object is already included. It would be great the have something similar in HA.