Adding ADE7953 Power Sensor - HA Esphome ver 1.13.6

Love Esphome - stock standard for my all my Sonoff’s and D1mini’s in Home Assistant for last year. Recently got my first Shelly and just flashed it. Bit confused about one thing though - Esphome verision in HA says is up to date (ver 1.13.6) but seems to be lagging behind version on Github. Problem I am having is the ADE7953 Power Sensor. ESPhome not happy if I add it to the config file. What am I missing?

It’s not. Current version is 1.14.3. Released on Nov 18, 2019.

Check your repository is correct, should be: GitHub - esphome/home-assistant-addon: ESPHome Home Assistant Add-on

Thanx for the reply - I realise that but I installed it as an add-on to HA - through the add-on store. Here it is reporting that it is up to date - hence my confusion.

So did I but if I remember correctly the URL for the repository changed quite a while ago.

Screenshot_2020-05-27 Supervisor - Home Assistant(1)

Installing the ESPHome add-on is easy. Just navigate to the panel in your Home Assistant frontend and add the ESPHome add-on repository: GitHub - esphome/home-assistant-addon: ESPHome Home Assistant Add-on

Ok clearly something is really messed up my side - I removed the esphome add-on - but when I go to manage add-on repositories - copied url in as per you pic above. Then when I press add nothing happens, doesnt go under the lsit. HA is up to date… Ill plug away at it. Help appreciated.

Ok - my solution to this was to remove the community-add on repository, then re-added it. Then I added the esphome link: - presto all working. thanx Tom_I

Very happy now