Adding and using desktop script files

I am trying to install steelseries gauges which are some nice additional desktop gauges to node-red. To do so, I have to add two script files.

Environment: Rpi 3b hassos 32 bit, hassos 4.11; supervisor 229

node-red configuration:

credential_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxx
dark_mode: false
  username: ''
  password: ''
  username: ''
  password: ''
ssl: false
certfile: fullchain.pem
keyfile: privkey.pem
require_ssl: false
system_packages: []
init_commands: []

(note: I’m not worried about security for testing)

  1. I created a folder in the hanode-red folder called node-red-static and added the two required files in that folder.

  2. I added the following to the node-red settings.js file in the ha node-red folder:

  httpStatic: '/config/node-red/node-red-static/',
  1. I copied the two files required files into node-red-static

  2. I am trying to run the test flow to validate installation. The node red flow I used is from:

and I modified the first two lines in the function to point to where I think I’ve stored the two files (step 1):

<script src="/config/node-red/node-red-static/tween.js"></script>
<script src="/config/node-red/node-red-static/steelseries.js"></script>
  1. I trigger it with an injection event which is verified as successful

When I open the desktop, all I get is a blank box.

I do not see any log messages but maybe I’m not looking in the right place?

Where have I gone wrong?