Adding Aqara Mini Switch WXKG11LM through ZHA

I’ve added several Aqara WXKG11LM Mini Switches to my Z2M based network and am trying to add one to my newly created ZHA network. I put the end device into pairing mode and click on Add Device in the ZHA integration but it does not seem to pick it up. The configurator is a SiLabs based SLZB-06M in Zigbee-to-Ethernet mode.

Is there a list of supported devices that I should be looking at?

P.S.: There is a TI-based USB Zigbee dongle in the system that is being used by Z2M

It should be supported just fine in ZHA according to the blakadder docs.

Try the trick of pressing the button periodically as described in the Pairing Instructions section for ZHA. Good Luck!