Adding attributes to tasmota automatic entities

Hi All,

I have a ESP8266 running tasmota that monitors my power usage using the Tasmota smart meter interface.

I have setup 3 values that are sent from the ESP
Gas count
Power count
power instantaneous

in home assistant I have setup the counts with utility meter integration in the config.yaml and they track my usage nicely.

    source: sensor.utility_meter_power_count
    cycle: quarter-hourly

Now im looking to migrate them to the new energy dashboard in HA. I can see I need to add some attributes to the entity for the power count. As this entity is from the Tasmota integration how do I go about adding the attributes?

Hmmm. You shouldn’t have to for utility meters. Can you post the attributes of your utility meter (Developer Tools / States)?

I found a way to customise the entity… using customize.yaml and added the units to the count, this then transferred over to the utility meter entity and lets me add it to the energy dashboard. strangely i cant see the count value still, im guessing it needs another attribute i havent set… edit: looking deeper… i need to set the last reset value too

this is the utility meter entity, it shows up in the dropdown list

state_class: measurement
last_reset: '2021-08-11T05:30:00.035178+00:00'
source: sensor.utility_meter_power_count
status: collecting
last_period: '0.000'
meter_period: quarter-hourly
unit_of_measurement: kWh
friendly_name: quatrerhour_electricity
icon: mdi:counter
device_class: energy

and this is the attributes from the count entity (since customizing)

unit_of_measurement: kWh
friendly_name: Utility_Meter Power Count
device_class: energy
state_class: measurement