Adding Blueprint is altering my existing automation.yaml

Why does adding a blueprint in the UI alter automations I already have in automations.yaml?

Each time I add a blueprint I lose all # commenting, some templates change quote marks defined and any automation with a time included change format.

Is this a known issue or just me? Can I stop this from happening (apart from not adding blueprints)?

It’s annoying as hell!

This is a known issue. There are other threads about it.
Perhaps use “automations2” etc if you want to them up manually and leave the automations.yaml to UI setup.

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This is not a Blueprint question, and this is not an issue, it is the way Home Assistant works.

The automation file is parsed, interpreted, deleted, and re-written every time you use the HA tools like the GUI editor, open a BP, reload automations, all that stuff. Same with scripts. If you want to save all the comments and visual formatting, you have to save automations and scripts in other files and split your automations up.
Packages are another way to do it.

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Thanks, but never have an issue when reloading automations and it doesn’t happen in my scripts file, or any others, just the automation file.

However, your reply has got me researching config splitting now.