Adding Bluetooth 5.4 LE to HA


I have a HA green with the SkyConnect dongle and I want/need to add Bluetooth (LE) capabilities to HA. Question is: What features does a BTLE-dongle need to bring for me to be able to use bluetooth in HA?

The docs list a variety of Bluetooth dongles that are supposedly working out of the box: Bluetooth - Home Assistant
Anyhow, those devices are BT 4.x and by now hard - if not impossible - to find on the market. So what I am looking for is a recent (read “Bluetooth 5.4") BT adapter that will work with HA green.

There’s a list of known working adapters here:

Thanks for the reply. Anyhow, the page lists older models (BT 4.0) that seem to be mostly unavailable on the market as of today.

Thought about a bluetooth proxy ?

Looked into this briefly, but I’d really like to go with a out-of-the-box option. Are there any?

I got the m5 thing, flashing thru the website and integrating it into HA took me about 70 seconds. The longest was figuring out on which usb port it was. That’s pretty out of the box-y :blush: