Adding bluetooth on Laptop

im trying to access to bluetooth on my hassio install. i run hassio in docker on an old laptop, that laptop does i believe have bluetooth, but i also purchased a cheap bluetooth usb dongle and plugged that in to try and get it to work but no luck.

i have the BT entered in my config.yaml as so:

  - platform: bluetooth_le_tracker
  - platform: bluetooth_tracker

but cant see anything in my known_devices.yaml.

can someone help me get started with bluetooth

make sure you have bluez, and bluetoothctl installed on the host machine

i really am hopeless at this stuff… i install that via SSH, is that right?

$ sudo apt install bluez

I don’t know what your physical setup is, but yes, you install it on the host in some fashion, whether it’s over SSH (NOT THE ADD-ON), or sitting at the console…