Adding Bluetooth Proxy - I Surrender!

After many many attempts and buying a number of ESP32 development kits, I totally failed to install Bluetooth proxy to my home assistant yelloww…!!!

This is quite awkward… Watching those videos and following the instructions step by step still does not work.

The best thing I get is just another device on ESPhome but settings only show Firmware unknown…

What’s am I missing here? Any ideas?

What do you expect to see? I don’t see more .

What I saw from some video tutorials is that hass should start discovering Bluetooth devices. This is not happening. BTW one integration showed up that is HLK-LD2410_DAFE
It seems to be motion sensor. But the sensors are inactive, i.e. It says motion unavailable and occupancy is unavailable

It will only discover devices it has an integration for.

Wouldn’t it discover my mobile phone or smart watch for example?

I am using the adopt device from esphome add on dashboard. It’s been almost 10 minutes now and still working…

Here is a screenshot:

exactly what Francisp said only if you have an integration and it’s in range of your proxy

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Thanks for the explanation. Thought i will be able to connect regular electronic devices like headsets, smart watch, Samsung galaxy tag… there are very few bluetooth integrations that would be of use with HASS. No wonder bluetooth is not slbuilt in with HASS Yellow.