Adding conditions to the alert component

Is that possible? E.g.: Setting up an alert if the room’s humidity/temperature is too high/low. But I don’t want to be alerted at night or when I am not home.

Or (the other way round) is there a possibility for the alert to be disabled? In that case I could write an automation including the wished conditions which disables the specific alert…

Do you know what I mean?

Hi @Regularj, you can trigger the alert on an input_boolean like in the example.
Then you can write any automations with any conditions to set this input_boolean.

    - service: homeassistant.turn_on
        entity_id: input_boolean.garage_door

With a second input_boolean (in the conditions), you can switch the alert off.

Thanks for your input!
I tried it with one alert and it seemed to work (I just need to think about a reasonable logic when to switch off the boot_lean).

But I would need 16 additional boot_leans (8 alerts times 2 boot_leans/automations (on/off)) which seems a little complex for such a (in my opinion) basic requirement.

If there’s no other way maybe a feature request would be reasonable?

Well, if you show your automations on the UI, you can switch them off and need only one input_boolean.

Why not, give it a try?

Yes, alerts also show up when triggerd (given that you added them to a group/view) and can be “switched off”. They still appear on the UI, but you won’t get constant notifications. They’ll disappear if the trigger is not true anymore.