Adding ConnectLife support

Can this be of any help?

Doesn’t seem related. Looks like the names are just coincidentally the same.

The latest update is: @monaco only had a link to the swagger docs for their API. However, there’s currently no way we know of for users to generate their own client ID/secret. Back in May, @monaco told me that he spoke to one of their devs and they are building a public API.

In this thread, it seems like someone contacted the ConnectLife support back in July, and they said that they estimate it to be done by Q3 2023.
I just contacted their support today and received pretty much the same response, except that their estimate has changed to the end of the year.

I would encourage anyone who’s interested in this to also contact their support and ask for the feature so they know that it’s something that their users really want. Hopefully, they will be able to give this a higher priority.