Adding ConnectLife support

Is anyone willing to make the integration for ConnectLife ?

If anyone would be interested to work on it I can help with some information, access and testing…


No? I have unofficial API access…

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Hi Andrej, yes, please! I have installed 7 Hisense Split-Clima devices

Hi Andrej

I am interested in collaborate… but I do not have coding knowledge for the development of the integration. But I can assist on alpha/beta testing with my hisense air machine.

And regarding unofficial API access, ConnectLife told me some weeks ago they did not had plans for API access. Are their changing their mind?


As far as I know, for ConnectLife public API is planned, I just have no idea about timeline. But only for the devices working with ConnectLife, not old Hisense smart appliances

Those working with ConnectLife or old Hisense app?

My machine works with Connect Life.

I’m also interested in creating an integration. I’ve recently bought an Asko dishwasher that uses the ConnectLife app. If you could give me the API specs i could try to put something together.

Send me direct message please


I’m also interested in creating an integration.

If anyone is serious creating please send me dm because I can’t explain publicly

I’ve sent you a DM 3 days back. Could you please respond?

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I am more than willing to help as well. I have 6 six and need to control routines in a proper way. I am sending you a direct message as well

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