Adding Device with a Different Subnet

My Home Assistant is on and I’m trying to add a Bose Soundtouch via the integration which is on (a VLAN) and it won’t connect. My router is a Ubiquity Pro-4 and I don’t think there are any firewall rules preventing this from connecting unless it is happening natively. What is the best way to get this connected?

It wouldn’t be surprising to find that your Pro-4 is blocks traffic by default. Normally on these types of devices you can ssh into them and use tcpdump to view network traffic. This allows you to see if packets are flowing between the devices. If the communication for the integration uses broadcast traffic, then you’d need a proxy to move that traffic between network segments. mDNS is one type of broadcast traffic that gets used a lot. If I had this issue, probably the first thing I’d do is temporarily move the Bose device to the HA lan segment and just verify it’ll work when they are on the same LAN segment.

The Bose was on the .1 subnet and worked fine. Seems like I should be able to allow the subnets to talk to each other. Maybe manually allowing certain MAC addresses to cross over?

If it’s just UDP or TCP traffic that only uses the devices addresses and not multicast I would think you just need to let the IP address pass. I’d expect the router is serving as the default gateway for each device. If this is true then the router would know how to pass the traffic between subnets. However, if something else is acting as the default gateway then you might need to add so routes to a routing table.

How did you install HA

There are multiple ways to connect this either by allow Mac, ip or entire vlan. Did you ever determine if traffic is being blocked?

I’m running HA as a VM on Proxmox installed from a script.

I’m assuming it’s being blocked as devices that were working on .1 subnet (Bose and Fire TV Android Debug Bridge) will not connect when I changed them to the .2 subnet.

My current firewall rules:

You can disable your firewall for a minute to test, and you’ll know if it’s the problem. Disconnect your internet if you can for optimal safety.

More likely the integration uses mDNS for service discovery; that protocol uses multicast so doesn’t (by default) work across subnets. Your router might have a feature to rebroadcast these packets to enable discovery.