I included the above sensor to my Aeon labs z-wave stick (connected to my Rasp PI3 where HA is installed) but I cant find it in the HA web interface. All other z-wave devices included on this z-wave stick appear and function fine. I know this new device was included properly as this z-wave stick is also a secondary controller within Smarthings which does display the newly added sensor.

Is there something I need to add to my configuration file(s) in order to get this device to display/function within HA?

Did you include it through the HA interface, using the Add Node (Secure) button? That is the recommended way. You should not use the physical button on the z-wave stick.

Perhaps exclude it and add it again.

I could not get this method to work. Here is what I tried:

  • I removed it from z-wave stick (It disappeared from the Smartthings list so I know it was excluded)
  • I restarted HA and used the Configuration/Z-wave/Add Node Secure option. There were so many entries in the log file, I couldn’t if anything new was added. Anyway, no new devices appeared within the HA interface. The device also does not appear within ST.
  • I decided I would re-include it using the z-wave stick button and running Configuration/Z-wave/Add Node Secure The device now appears in ST but no where to be found within HA…

I am totally confounded. Any of my other HA devices were this difficult to add. In fact, in most cases all I had to do is include them with the z-wave stick, plug the stick back into the Rasp Pi3 and reboot.

I’m sorry, I don’t have much advice left. Just small things from personal experience: after including something I always need to reboot before the new device is showing properly. And one time I could not get Add Node Secure to work so I used Add Node. For Add Node Secure you need to have a security key configured for z-wave, it is explained in the docs.

Hope you succeed!


Did you find a solution? I´ve managed somehow to get the device added but it seems dead and is reported as unknown.
EDIT: Now I have exactly the same problem as you. I removed it using the UI but when trying to add it again nothing happens.
Strange, I suppose this is a quite common unit.

No I have not yet found a solution. :pleading_face: