Adding entities in a component

I would like to make a component that adds some controls to the UI to act as inputs to its behavior.

The use case here is a smart motion lighting component which can have its on-brightness, off-brightness, and motion timeout changed via sliders.

I can see that add_devices may be used when setting up a new platform to add entities, but I don’t see how to do it in a component that has just a setup(hass, config) entry point. Can somebody provide an example of a component which adds an input_slider entity?

Why not load input_slider via your config and have automation setup to track it?

I want to make the component more “turnkey” so it is easier to set up and easier for others to use. It would be nice to add the component and have it just work as intended rather than being forced to separately configure some input_sliders with the specific parameters that my component expects.

I like the idea @imagio :sunglasses:

Home Assistant currently does not support components setting up other components without interfering with the user config for those components.

If I want to make a component that shows some UI to control its behavior should I make state/detail cards specifically for my component?