Adding Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee to the deconz addon?

I’ve jsut gotten a few of these radiator thermostats, I think that they are the best solution for us, if I can get them working.
It’s a ‘simple’ radiator thermostat, that runs pure zigbee.
What I’ve been able to find so far, it’s just a question of setting the device to ‘Join’, and then start the discovery, but it just keeps saying ‘join’ (JIN) in the display.
I’ve tried adding it as a sensor or switch, but it’s really a HVAC, but I doubt that should mean anything.
I have quite a lot of zigbee devices by now, so the coverage should be quite good.
Any ideas on solvin this?

friends of mine also had the problem that the device did not want to join but a device reset (by pressing all three buttons until the display counts to 10) solved it for them. one of their devices needed a couple of retries though…

you have to search for a sensor (not switch) using the phoscon app. even after a successful join you won’t see the device in the app but they will show up in your mesh when using vnc-viewer.

you also need some more steps as explained here to have them show up as HVAC devices: [SOLVED] ConBee II and Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee integration

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Ahh, thankyou, that solved it a bit of the way. It was mainly that the display didn’t change from ‘Join’ (Jin), so I didn’t think it was added.
I’ve found it in the VNC, now I just need to get it into HA.

And when you first understand that it doesn’t change the display automatically from Jin, it is very easy to add :slight_smile: