Adding extra card to Energy dashboard

The Energy dashboard is great, but I would like to add a couple of extra cards to the dashboard.
However I cannot see how to do this. With other dashboards there’s a menu to select editing.
Under the ‘Settings>Dashboards’ setting I can configure the specific Energy cards, but I can’t see how to add a new card.
FTR, one of the cards I would like to add is an gauge showing the current import/export power (to display something close to real time about energy use) - I have this on my main dashboard (see screenshot), but it would be great to also have it on the Energy dashboard.

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You can not do this.

You will have to create your own dashboard. The cards from the energy dashboard are available for this.

OK thanks, at least I know that it’s not possible now, and I can stop looking :slight_smile:

Hello. How do you add the energy dashboard? I can not find it. Before it was in the sidebar. Thank you

Did anyone replicated the energy dashboard and can share please? So I add my house consumption too

Can you give a clue, where the card from the build in energy dashbaord are available to use on your own dashboard?