Adding features to a Kiosk

I have a HAOS system running great at my home and currently control it using our android apps. One of my planned upgrades is a kiosk tablet with lovelace front-and-centre. My only problem is that this now seems to be playing financial second-fiddle to a planned Google Home thingy because google can do that damn hands-free kitchen recipe thing.

I think I may have to concede to this, but does anyone have any suggestions that could save me from certain doom?

Use ha cast to put lovelace on the google thingy.

Fully Kiosk browser instead of the HA app.

Yeah, that’s about the best I’m going to be able to do, but that means HA plays a second-class citizen role and will probably never be used on that device. We’ll just end up shouting “google lights” with our unrecognisable Australian accents while waving at a screen to move to the next page past an ad for the latest Ford, then fumbling for the phone with doughy fingers when the lights don’t turn on properly.