Adding "Google find my device" integration

This is NOT to be confused with “android find my device”, which only tracks your phone/samsung watch.

I am talking about google’s “Find my device” which is on androids and works with Airtag like devices: currently from pebblebee and Chippola, soon motorola, and likely google in the future.

Applications would be Animal tracking, motion sensors/room sensors to set off automations. Also, could place on vehicles to set off automations more accurately based on zones.

“But it’s just bluetooth”, well no, not exactly. It uses the same concept of a “net” that Apple does, this time with android/google phones. As long as people with these types of phones are around your “tag”, you will be able to know where it currently is.

I just received my Pebblebee clips. I like them. It would be great to add them to HA for tons of things.

its actually the same thing now, the whole app was updated to support both. fwiw i have tried the intent on android to trigger find my device and it was locked for security, i expect the same with the new update

Dont think airtags have any support now either?

when did you order them? waiting on mine to see what can be done with them

I ordered mine right from pebblebees website in March or April.

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I think I read somewhere that there wasn’t an open API. I.e. when you want to use them through the pebblebee app you won’t be able to see them in the Google app, and visa versa. You’d think if there was any kind of API it would be used by the manufacturer. Probably comes down to security. I wish it could be integrated though.