Adding Grafana in lovelace without iframe


Can you only view Grafana boards by using the iframe card in lovelace? I tried it and it works on my local computer but, and this is a big BUT: I’m using https and duckdns for remote access using the android app and I can’t get that to work unless I use port-forwarding and opening my grafana installation for PUBLIC access? Read only access, sure, but that feels totally unsecure.

How are you handling this?

There’s a long topic that details the available options. None of them are ideal.

I just put a link to Grafana in the side menu.

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Thanks, since the original post was almost 3 years old I thought it wasn’t relevant anymore but is was a great deal of input at the end. I’m going to try out the image generation method even though several warnings of high cpu usage. Otherwise I will drop Grafana and use Apexcharts instead by creating custom sql sensors instead.

I’ve had browser performance issues with Apexcharts.

Ah crap, thanks for the heads up. I tried the approach of generating images from Grafana but that was very slow and the end result not that pretty to view.

So are you using the iframe solution with HA/Grafana? But only allowing it to work when accessing it locally or have you configured port forwarding? Is that really secure allowing anonyms access from internet to read-only Grafana? Makes me nervous. :wink: