Adding Home assistant Core to Tailscale

Hi , hope someone can help in advising me how to add home assistant core to Tailscale. It seems simple with Hassio/supervised but i am running HA and Other docker containers.

Any help would be appreciated to enable me to control HA whilst away.

The supervised addon likely makes use of the Integration?

Alternatively, if you want/need to manage this directly from the host: from the point of view of HA / docker you just need to make sure that they’re listening on the right network interfaces.
If firewall is correctly set up (or if it’s not a concern) you can just make them listen on all interfaces (
Then any client connected to your Tailscale network can just access it over the corresponding Tailscale IP.

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Hi thanks for information, i have Tailscale integration installed show 3 devices. , however i want to instal Home Assistant-core. Using HA Hassio you can use the store addon. I cannot see away to install Home Assistant.

Do you mean Home Assistant Core or Home Assistant Container as a Docker container?

Home Assistant Core is installed directly on the server and is only got very advanced users who know how to install and maintain it. I did that myself, years ago. I now run Home Assistant Container.

Thanks for reply . I am running Home assistant core on unraid . Unraid is one device which host all docker containers with all the IP address ie 192.168.0 xxx/ port numbers. I have found a solution but i do not believe it the correct solution. I used the uraid Tailscale IP /8123. for the external url on the app and it seems to work ??