Adding Homebridge

I have been having a few issues lately, in regards to HA and restarting the server in the UI

The service restart is callles be doesn’t actually restart. I checked and my configuration saw ok so I pulled the power from my pi to force restart my hassio.

It restarted ok and everything loaded up, now luckily I had my configuration saved from Simba.

So after adding back my essential add-ons (Simba Share, Mpoidy, and Homebridge)

While trying to add Homebridge in my home app on my iOS device it sees Home Assistant after adding the code it says it can’t be added.

Anybody have any idea what I can try to get it back?
I am running iOS 12 beta 2, I’m not sure if that’s the problem or not but was working ok until the restart.

Also occasionally if I restart HA sometimes all of my Homebridge components all go back into the default folder and any automation (in my home app) disable. Is there a way to tell HA what folder to place components in instead of the default folder if that happens again. It’s a pain in the A$! Readding everything in their respective rooms, and resetting all automations that had Homebridge components in them.

Thanks all!

There is 2 ways to use apple homekit.

First is homekit component from home-assistant

Second is homebridge which is not home-assistant component. You have to install extra homebridge and homebridge-homeassistant to be able to call devices from home-assistant.