Adding Input Select To Panel/Component

I’ve been working with Hyperion and it adds a on/off switch under Light in my Home ‘States’ screen in HASS. So I’ve seen things like this - Effect Dropdown and I can’t figure out how to add the input select I created (which works, but shows up on the main ‘States’ screen in HASS) to the Hyperion Light Panel?

My Hyperion Screen On my HASS:

Can I add this input select to the Hyperion screen I posted the pic of or do I have to create a new panel or something? I tried searching, but couldn’t find a good example.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @vexter0944, you have to create a group with your hyperion light and the input slider for the effects.

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I don’t know if I understand your question correctly. So, you successfully added Hyperion to to HA and you also successfully created Input Select with effects to HA, all working nicely. Now you want to display them in the same group?

By panels I assume you mean groups - at least they are called so in HA. To add Hyperion Light switch and Input select to the same group, you have to create it. Here is documentation how to do it:

I also recommend having a look at Ben’s videos on YT:

Maybe I misunderstood your question and all I wrote doesn’t help you solve your problem.

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Thank you guys!! That helps put me on a path! MUCH appreciated!!!

Got it the way I wanted it - thanks!!