Adding inputs and outputs to a NUC

Im looking for a way to add digital and analog inputs and outputs to Hassio running on a NUC.

Is this something that has been or can be done using say a Raspberry pi or Arduino etc. connected to the NUC.

Would be interested if this is possible and if so the best way to connect to the NUC, whether by LAN or USB.


Using esphome seems like a good option in your case. It integrates directly with HA and provide a lot of options, not only for i/o pins, but also for various type of esp boards, sensors and other devices. You would connect through wifi in this case. Have a look here: I am using it for i/o since I am also using a NUC where there is no easy way of adding i/o pins.

For output, you would use a suitable esp board with the required number of i/o pins and use this integration:

For input, you would use a similar approach and use a binary sensor.

For analog inputs, you might have a look at

Inputs would then show up in HA as binary sensors, and outputs as switches. Analog inputs would show up as sensors. I have not tried analog outputs myself, but there are options available also for this using esphome and suitable esp boards.

Thank you Tomas, I had forgotten about ESPHome. I was initially looking for 1-wire integration that lead me to raspberry pi and also a wired connection back to the NUC in stead of wifi but will take a look at your links. Thanks again.

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