Adding Insteon Modules

I became an HA user when Insteon went dark. I have HA setup on a PI 3+ and I have had it working well with my current HUB and devices. I have even added some of my old modules that were not online when converting to HA and they would show up in the devices category and work great.

Recently I was given some additional Insteon modules that used to be a part of an old system, and have never been added to my HUB. Per the documentation I have plugged them in, manually activated them several times, but they are not showing up. I attempted a device override with one as well but it still would not respond to commands. I would like to get these added to my hub without having to get a subscription from Insteon. Any ideas of why these “new to me” modules would not be seen from HA? Any ideas of what to try next?