Adding LEDvance Smart+ WiFI Nightlight Plugs to Home Assistant

Hey there, I am currently trying to implement LEDvance Smart+ WiFi Nightlight to Home Assistant to use it in some automations.
Via the Smart Life App you can perfectly control the power plug and the light function seperately. I also managed to get the devies show up in the Tuya integration and also in LocalTuya.

My problem now is that with Tuya integration the device is detected as power plug only, so there is no option to control the nightlight function which I require.

With LocalTuya, I do not find a suitable device type. Chosing light as type, I managed to find out which ID code controls the on/off state of the light but I cannot assign it to any switch function neither does the final interface offer me an on/off function.

Is there any solution how I can access the light on/off via Home Assistant?

Thanks in advance!