Adding Leviton device configuration xml files

My Leviton DZMX switches are recognized by OpenZwave/HA as ‘Unknown: type=1b03, id=0334’, and my VRMX switches, while identified properly properly as ‘VRMX1-1LZ Multilevel Scene Switch’, don’t have much of anything in the referenced XML file.

I contacted Leviton, and somewhat surprisingly, I got a response from them, where they pointed me to this link for the DZMX switches and this link for the VRMX switches. I looked at the XML files, and the format doesn’t really seem the same as other XML files I looked at in the config directories.

Are they a proper format that will be properly recognized and parsed by OpenZWave, so if I drop them into the ‘Leviton’ folder (in ‘/srv/hass/hass_venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/libopenzwave-0.3.1-py3.4-linux-armv7l.egg/config’) and add

<Product type="1b03" id="0334" name="DZMX1-1LZ Multilevel Scene Switch" config="leviton/vri10.xml"/>

and change

<Product type="0602" id="0334" name="VRMX1-1LZ Multilevel Scene Switch" config="leviton/vri10.xml"/>


<Product type="0602" id="0334" name="VRMX1-1LZ Multilevel Scene Switch" config="leviton/VRMX1-1LZ.xml"/>

will that properly update the information available to OpenZWave?

I too have had this issue… were you able to resolve?

I don’t believe so - I added the Leviton XML files to the proper place, edited the ‘manufacturer_specific.xml’ file to add the new devices and point them to the new files and the devices still show up as ‘unknown’ - will they only be properly recognized if the files are there before first trying to add?

Actually, it may have worked after all. I added the config files for the three new types of Leviton controls (Switch DZ15S and dimmers DZ6HD & DZ1KD), but not before I added a DZ15S, so it came up ‘unknown’ like most of my other switches. I just added in a DZ6HD and that detected as its full name as set up in the manufacturer specific config file.

so you have to add the xml files prior to adding the zwave device for it to work and show the proper name instead of “unknown”? or just remove and re add the devices?