Adding live camera to hadashboard

Im trying to add my cameras to dashboard. Its a horrible solution what Im trying to do for now, but I dont see why it wouldnt work with hadashboard.

Basically my cams, I cant access them by a url. So I installed the application on a VM i already have running and made the live view full screen and using a application that shares your screen with a url. So any browser on my network can view the screen of that vm. Ive tested it on the ipad and I can view it fine with safari.

My question is how are you guys getting these cameras in? Ive tried iframe but that dont work, and Im not sure if I should be putting this in ha first? and which camera component to use. Its just a very basic < example.


the problem with iframe is that its hard to get pages from outside the same server as where dashboard is running.
mostly based on encryption problems (dashboard with https)

i would try to use the generic camera component in HA to get the cam in HA and then use the camera widget to show the cam from HA.

but you also could try to use the camera widget from the dashboard with your existing url.