Adding mobile AC controlled with IR to HA to export it to Google A - how?

Hi All

I have a mobile AC that is controlled by an IR remote. I have the broadcom mini 3 set up, and it is working in the broadcom app as it should (had to set it up as a custom device, as it wasn’t known in broadcoms list).

I would very much like to have it controlled by HA, and then exported to GA.
I can of course build the remote in HA, by reading the IR codes, and creating buttons with horizontal and vertical stack, or picture element or something like that.

But how do I create it in HA, so that I can export it to GA, and it will see it as a real AC, so that I can adjust temperature and turn it on and off etc.?

This is how far I’ve gotten so far:

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: Aircondition Stue
    heater: switch.delonghi_ac
    min_temp: 18
    max_temp: 30    
    target_temp: 22
    ac_mode: true
    cold_tolerance: 1
    hot_tolerance: 1
    initial_hvac_mode: "off"
    precision: 1
  - platform: broadlink
    host: IP
    mac: MAC
    friendly_name: IR_Stue
    type: rm_mini
      identifier: delonghi_ac
        friendly_name: "Delonghi AC"
        command_on: "FFFFFFFF"
        command_off: "FFFFFFFF"

There is no ‘absolute’ setting for the AC, ie. a Power Off and Power On, only a Toggle.
The same goes for all the other functions, like temperature and mode etc.

So I guess it’s not that good with having a ‘climate’ entity that has absolute values in it, and I guess ga would be in trouble with this.

I could of course just have the on/off activated, but it seems rather limited :slight_smile:


How did you get one with this, are you able to control your Delonghi device via HA

Nope, not really, but my whole Harmony thing is gone haywire, and I haven’t had the patience to set it up again yet…