Adding more Social Media Platforms

I saw in the announcement post that you recently joined a small social media network. Would you consider joining one that is over 20x larger like Gab Social? I also suspect the Home Assist Project would have a higher percentage of people interested in this type of project on this platform compared to other social media platforms due to the increased interest in homesteading.

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In general I think that adding new social networks is quite possible. If you create some interesting platform for sharing content it will become quite popular among users.

I do not know what’s going on here, but absolutely not, Home Assistant should not have a presence on a white nationalist and virulently antisemitic social network, particularly one that exists in that state by design.

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I think that’s a good idea. But you should be creative enough to attract users and to become popular.

I don’t think that adding more social media platforms would be a good idea. People are already developing their business on those existing.

I don’t get what your saying.

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I mentioned this because Home Assist recently joined a small social media network so why not join a much larger one?

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Probably because it does not align with the Home Assistant Code of Conduct. Though I have no say in the matter.

Also I’m locking this topic due to the prolific posing by sock puppet accounts.