Adding more than two Daikin Aircon Units through the Daikin Integration

Hi all, I have four Daikin Aircon units in my house and I’ve added two of them to HA using the Daikin Integration. That works perfectly for both, but I can’t find any way to add more than two units through that integration.

Can anyone help me to add the other two Daikin Units? If it’s not possible through the GUI of the integration, then perhaps I can add them manually in a configuration file or something like that?

Thank you in advance for any tips!

Well, I guess I should have looked at it more simply. I’m new to HA, so I figured the Daikin integration gave me two options to fill out and I thought that was it for that integration. But in hindsight, I could just keep adding more Integrations. So the answer is simple to click on Add Integration and then select Daikin for as many units as you would like to add.