Adding MQTT functionality to switches using UI?

I’m not sure if what I’m attempting to do is possible or not.
I’m using hassio (or whatever it’s called now), running perfectly well in a VM. Integration wise, I’m successfully using zigbee2mqtt and some other integrations for various plugs like tp-link and an integration for tado thermostats.
So far I’ve set up everything via the UI, and I’ve been using node-red for automations etc.

I was playing with mqtt, with the idea that I could make something to show the state of switches etc in another location, like the garage or whatever.
To test, I’m using MQTT Explorer and I can see the state of my various zigbee switches and lights.

This is when I noticed that the state of the other devices are not published over mqtt. For example a tp-link plug.

So finally, my question is, can I expose my other devices over mqtt?

A thought just came to me, perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way, and I should use restful api to obtain the state of my switches etc?

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Use HA statestream

You my friend, are awesome.
I’ve no idea how I didn’t come across that in my frantic googling.
It’s perfect :slight_smile: