Adding multiple SSID

So I’ve got wyze cams and sonoff SV and basic in my house. The basic and SV are linked a separate router outside. This is joined to the main router in the house by powerline. The reason being that the SV, basic and a wyze cam are in my detached garden, which is a big metal structure, ie a faraday cage so the home WiFi doesn’t reach it

The problem is, HA has picked up my sonoff mini and Shelly since they’re on the same network. It won’t find the sonoff basic or the SV. I really want the SV because it controls my garage door. I also want the wyze sensors to work from the garage door

Any way I can get the eWeLink app to work through HA. I know the reluctance to use their cloud servers but In this case I don’t have much choice? I don’t want to go down the flashing Tasmota route

Have considered 433mhz setup for the garage at some point and I know that the wyze sensors need the bridge, which won’t reach the garage either…

Can you set the power line adaptor to bridge mode and set the external wifi router to repeater mode?

This should create one big network.

That’s a good question
I’ve got the TpLink Av600 nano
I can’t see anything in their documentation about setting bridge mode.
It is currently connected from one of my mesh units via Ethernet and this extends to the detached garage (one the same grid).
From what I can tell the model I have is very simple and unfortunately I don’t have windows (mac) so I can’t use their software utility
I’m wondering if all it is doing is extending the network of the mesh and if I can just set repeater mode on the wifi router in the garage that should work?

It’s worth a try

That worked!

All I did was put into bridge mode and I moved the Ethernet from the WAN to the LAN port
Immediately recognized all my sonoff devices and now have LAN control

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